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Cut & Run (Cut & Run Series)

Cut & Run  - Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux It's obviously a role playing game adapted to a book and as a writer of such myself I understand why the text is like it is. It's great fun to write yourself but it is boring for anyone else to read the overly detailed descriptions of just about everything going on.
At least half of the descriptions of every facial expression, tone of voice and general bodily action should have been cut out of this as it is very tedious indeed to listen to quirky smiles, sarcastically said stuff and lifting of eyebrows and whatnot for the umpteenth time. And then there's the switching of POV's all the time, too. Fun while you write RPG but just not fun to read.
The story comes to a screeching halt every time the MCs start talking to each other and they do talk. A lot. Yes I got it already after half an hour's listening that they hate each other with a vengeance but please get on with the story! I hope I'll manage to listen to the end as I do want to get the story.
Edit: It grew a little better by the end, less elaborate, although it still was tedious that eg. no one could plain smile but the corners of the mouth always moved in some direction. Sometimes it is okay to just smile :)